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    “I wrote this book for my children, who were born into a world that wasn't yet ready for them”

    Holger Nils Pohl

    Autistic father to three neurodivergent kids

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    What is it all about?

    The Wrong Planet tells the story of an alien who makes an unexpected journey to Earth as a metaphor for the experiences of autistic people, who often feel out of place and misunderstood in our world. The sensitive and playful story offers insights into some of the traits and challenges that come with autism, and which can otherwise be hard to grasp.

    After the crash landing, the alien meets an array of earthlings: ducks, a bear, a beaver, an otter and a frog. With each encounter, they bravely try to fit in and to learn new things, but often without success. Fresh hope comes when they meet a platypus, an animal that unites elements of all the other creatures and makes it normal to be different.

    The Wrong Planet is more than just an entertaining story. It’s designed to spark important conversations about autism and accepting difference. It can prompt us to think for ourselves or to help us talk to children and adults alike. My hope is that this book will offer readers a new perspective, one that they may never have considered before.